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The normal | Television | THE COUNTRY

On Sunday, La 2 will emit The conspiracy,a film by Pedro Olea with a script by Elías Querejeta that follows the footsteps of General Mola since he arrives in Pamplona, ​​punished by the Government of the Republic, until he declares war on Radio Navarra. And he tells how he conspires with the military, Carlist and Falangists to get it. So far nothing new: that a public television program a film produced by herself falls within the normal, but in Spanish Television the normal is extraordinary.

It should be noted that The conspiracy It was finished almost eight years ago and conveniently relegated to oblivion by the previous management team of the entity. The same thing happened with the second season of The Republic, that the current and provisional leaders decided to issue recently. It is worth remembering that one of the decisions of the Government of Rajoy when it reached the power with absolute majority was to modify the established to elect the person in charge of RTVE. Naturally, people were appointed to trust and, apparently, trust was also shown by vetoing everything that had to do with the Republic.

The filmmaker Jiménez Rico told it in his day: when he interviewed the then president of the house, Leopoldo González Echenique, to explain why a shoot had been suspended on a story that took place during the Republic, the answer was transparent: because they were "up to the balls of historical memory". It is what has the confidence. Pedro Olea, for his part, considers that "It seems incredible that TVE has prohibited for almost eight years a film that should be screened in schools to try not to repeat his script. " Normal.


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