"The non-renewal of the CGPJ raises doubts about the impartiality of its reports"

The Executive maintains its intention to approve the Preliminary Draft of the Housing Law that was agreed upon by the coalition government of PSOE and United We Can and, although will analyze the report of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ)assumes that the delays in the renewal of the governing body of the judges may influence the content of the text.

The rental bonus will not reach 1% of the young population and can push prices up

The rental bonus will not reach 1% of the young population and can push prices up

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"I would not like to enter into a controversy with the CGPJ, which, in short, is true that it is a body that, from the point of non-renewal, may raise some doubt about the impartiality of its reports, but total and absolute respect for its reports and We will analyze it", assured the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, in an interview on TVE.

"Of course we would have liked to approve the Law, but we will have to wait for the report, which insists that it is not binding. It is a delay of a few days," he advanced.

Regarding the report itself, Sánchez affirms that "it will have to be analyzed, but we are sure that it is a solid Law from a legal point of view, that respects the competences and the right to private property".

"We will have to see the content, but the report would have to be limited to three precepts" because the Housing Law "amends the Civil Procedure Law, because it affects evictions." However, he has recalled that the CGPJ "has issued other assessments" that are not related to these aspects.

Consensus in processing

Last week, the The Judiciary in office refused to endorse the first report, favorable to the Bill although with objections, presented by the progressive member Álvaro Cuesta. Instead, he agreed to appoint new speakers, José Antonio Ballestero, chosen at the proposal of the PP; and Enrique Lucas, appointed at the proposal of the PNV, who will have to issue a new report in order to be approved or rejected on January 27.

"I defend that the law complies with the Constitution, we will try to make it that text. In the processing we will seek maximum consensus", the minister has indicated.

"The law [de Vivienda] Citizens need it, we will seek the maximum possible consensus", he has indicated regarding the parliamentary procedure, where he asks the Popular Party, "responsibility, sense of country of state, to analyze the text".

Complementary measures to the rent bonus

With respect to Young rent voucher of 250 euros per month for those under 35 years of age who earn less than 24,000 euros per month, Sánchez has commented on its reduced impact, given that it will not even reach 1% of the young population.

"The aid is not limited to that bonus that is intended to facilitate emancipation," the Minister of Transport assured on TVE. "Young people who do not benefit from the youth bonus can benefit from the aid of the State Housing Plan, from the houses that are going to be built for affordable rent. The bonus is going to have a satisfactory effect." she has summed it up.

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