The Nissan plant in Barcelona loses the production of another model | Economy

The Nissan plant in Barcelona loses the production of another model | Economy

The worst auguries of the workforce Nissan at the plant in the Zona Franca de Barcelona have been confirmed today when the Japanese multinational has announced that it will cease production after the summer the NV200 diesel engine van that is produced in these facilities. Last year 14,500 units of that model were assembled, which aggravates the distrust of workers about the future of their jobs. Until now the Catalan factory was at 38% of its total capacity.

The current sales context is unfriendly with the diesel versions, which have lost market share. And so Nissan argues that that version ends and focus the future of the NV200 model to its plug-in version only. It is expected to increase production, but its weight is still low in the numbers of Barcelona facilities, 6,000 units last year. And the lower number of hours required for the assembly of the electric models causes fears among the unions of the workforce.

After the summer, Barcelona will only manufacture the NV200 electric and rancheras for Nissan, Renault and Mercedes, which share the same platform. Therefore, it is foreseeable that production will fall below 70,000 units next year. The loss of the van is a new blow to the factory, which has lost in recent years different models without new arrivals.

The current situation has forced the current management to prepare a feasibility plan to present at the Nissan headquarters in Japan, to ensure the future of the plant. It is expected that the response to these approaches will be realized during the first half of this year. Whether or not it is positive, the works council does not foresee that neither the work load nor the certainties about the future of the workforce will improve within two years, the time that will have to elapse between the signing of new vehicles and the beginning of its manufacture


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