February 27, 2021

The ninth edition of the Visionaria film show awards its prizes – La Provincia

The ninth edition of the Visionary film show-contest. Island concepts, organized by the cinema association Vertigo, in which filmmakers from all latitudes express their artistic-creative vision of the "island" in an audiovisual piece of up to a minute and a half in length, today celebrates its big day with the screening of a selection of the short films recorded and reading of his palmares.

This annual event, consecrated as a referent in the audiovisual map of the islands, will take place today, at 6.30 pm, at Cicca, with free admission. In the meeting 28 short films inspired by the motto of this edition will be screened, Cracks, whose titles and authors are: Transit, of Amaury Santana and María Rodríguez; The cracks of the field, by Ángel Hernández Suárez Padrón; Des Fissures, of Angel Valiente; Kintsugi Skyline, by Antonio Morales; Without cure, by Bárbara Aguilera; Bad weed, by Carolina Hernández; End of, by Cayetana H. Cuyás; The cut of the emperor, by Cris Noda; Where it is born, of David Pantaleón; Mouth that flies, of Emilia Sacristán and Lola Cáceres; How to build in a desert, by Fernando Alcántara; Grace, by Javier Marrero; Intraterrestrial, by Javier Sicilia; Ghosts, by Juan Alfredo Amil; Sink, by Lourdes Reyes; A river in winter, of Macu Machín; Concrete mixer, by Manolo Dauta Rijo; L 'empreinte du volcan, by Marine Discazeaux; Cracks, by Nayra Sanz Fuentes; Erosion, by Óscar Santamaría; The habitants, by Pablo Vilas; On the edge of the abyss, by Rafael Navarro Miñón; Cracks, by Sasa Sosa and Heriberto Cruz; The cracks of the sea, of Susi Alvarado; Grietas, by Víctor Camarero; I do not usually walk, by Yeray Pacheco; Y In body and soul, by Zuleika Brito.

The jury of this delivery is conformed by Daniel Barreto, doctor in Philosophy; Nuria Guinnot, coordinator of Gran Canaria Film Commission; and Alicia Llarena, writer and professor at the ULPGC, who will present the prizes to: Best short film, Second best short film and Special Jury Prize. In addition, attendees have the opportunity to vote their favorite work for the consensus of the Audience Award

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