March 6, 2021

The nine exhibitions proposed by the Folklore Festival of Ingenio are inaugurated – La Provincia

The nine exhibitions that this year contemplates the program of the XXIV edition of the International Festival of Folklore of Ingenio Solidary Show of the Peoples, will be inaugurated today, July 12, starting at 7:30 p.m., in the Federico García Lorca Cultural Center, in an act that will have the presence of Ana Hernández, mayor of the town, and David Castellano, festival director and president of Ingenuity Choirs and Dances. This new edition of the international festival is once again sponsored by the Cabildo of Gran Canaria.

This year's exhibitions highlight the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Cultural Association Choirs and Dances of Ingenio, organizer of the festival, as well as the rich variety of ethnic instruments from different parts of the world, the presence of art and the tradition of the draft in Ingenio, the hard work of the farmers or the activity of the obtaining the pita vegetable thread for the preparation of various artisan articles, among other topics.

The exhibitions are exhibited at the headquarters of the Federico García Lorca center and at the headquarters of the Ingenio town hall until July 28, and can be visited for free by the public from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Informative complement

The samples constitute an important informative complement within the program of the aforementioned festival, which will be held in Ingenio until next July 31, with different activities and initiatives, among which the celebration of the VI Campus of Ethnography and Folklore of the ULPGC which begins on July 15, the gastronomic sample of the Intercultural Foods and a music meeting that will have the participation of the international groups invited to the XXIV edition.

The exhibition entitled Obtaining the pita thread, coordinated by the ethnographer Francisco López Monroy, is organized by the Cultural Association Peña del Pan. It shows the different artisan processes that are followed to extract the resistant fiber. Another of the proposals refers to the long and uninterrupted career of seven decades of the association Choirs and Dances, whose foundation dates back to the 40s, both exhibited at the Federico García Lorca Cultural Center.

Also, you can enjoy the photographic exhibition entitled So different, but so equal. Curated by Juan Ángel Montoya, it will be exhibited on the first floor of the Ingenio town hall, at the entrance to the Plenary Hall. It shows 25 images of traditions and popular customs captured by this creator who has been self-taught for more than thirty years. Photography. The details and the differences between the different cultures and traditions propose us in this selection that there is only one race: the human race, and that we are all members of it.

Another of the photographic exhibitions that will be inaugurated in the hall of the town hall, in the OAC, will be the so-called Ethnic instruments of the world, which includes 18 snapshots and which is coordinated by the Italian Giulia Ciuffa, responsible for the young section of the International Council of Organizations of Folklore Festivals and Popular Arts associated with UNESCO (CIOFF). Subsequently, these two exhibitions in particular will be transferred to the Rectorate of the ULPGC, from July 23 to 26.

In similar tune the exhibition that brings us closer to the Federico García Lorca will also be shown traditional costumes from the Murcia region, organized by the Federation of Choirs and Dances of Spain (FACYDE).

The draft of Ingenio, art and tradition promoted by the Department of Historical Heritage and Archive of the municipality of Ingenio, and which has the coordination of the jigsaw María Sánchez and María Cleofé Ramírez, discloses the delicate tradition that still survives in the municipality around the making of draft. Like the one dedicated to the potters who, with primitive techniques "to pick and shovel", both have known how to extract water from the depths of the island and how to work piercing their territory by building galleries and mines.

Finally, the sample The festival with the intangible cultural heritage declared by UNESCO that drives the Center of Production of Ingenio de Este Canal Television and Choirs and Dances, and coordinates, Francisco Agustín Cruz Manzano and Iván Falcón Martín, formulates a visual tour through the 24 celebrated editions of this event declared Festival of Tourist Interest of the Canary Islands and that in its last edition it gathered about 20,000 people.

Both the works presented by the primary education centers of the municipality to the IV drawing contest as well as the short story summoned by the festival, are also exhibited in the Federico García Lorca Cultural Center hall. This contest has counted with the collaboration of the Department of Education of the municipality of Ingenio. These last four samples are exhibited at the Federico García Lorca Cultural Center.

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