The Nikkei rises 1.09% driven by the strong advance on Wall Street

The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed today with a 1.09% increase in Nikkei, its main indicator, following the footprint left by Wall Street in its most recent session.

The NIkkei, which brings together the 225 most representative titles in Tokyo parquet, rose 229.06 points, to 21,329.12 integers.

For its part, Topix, which includes the firms with the highest capitalization, gained 13.21 points or 0.88%, up to 1,515.71 units.

The Tokyo stock market took over from the significant rise noted on Wednesday by Wall Street of 4.53% in the Dow Jones of Industrials, and good spirits were spread among the operators of the Japanese parquet.

The Softbank technology group, which attracted the highest volume of operations, ended up 1.76%, and Toyota, the company with the highest capitalization, advanced 0.48%.

Fast Retailing, owner of the Uniqlo clothing chain (1.66%), and Sony (1.73%) also rose.

In contrast, two of the main groups, SMFG (0.66%) and MUFG (0.49%) retreated in the banking sector.

In the Topix group today they raised 1,115 titles, 943 went down and 105 closed without changes.

The volume of operations reached 2.53 billion yen (21.135 million euros), very similar to yesterday, 2.52 billion yen (21.070 million euros).


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