The Nikkei rises 0.7% and continues its streak thanks to the economic recovery

The Nikkei index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange rose 0.70% on Wednesday and thus maintained its profit streak, thanks to the lifting of the state of emergency throughout Japan and the progressive economic revival.

The benchmark indicator, which groups the 225 most representative stocks in the market, gained 148.06 points or 0.70%, to stand at 21,419.23 integers, while Topix, which includes the firms in the first section , ended with an advance of 14.74 integers or 0.96%, up to 1,549.47 points.

The Tokyo parquet thus lived its third consecutive day on the rise, encouraged above all by the steps taken to return to normality in Japan after lifting the coronavirus health alert status that was still in force in Tokyo and four other prefectures in the country last Monday. .

During the first tranche of trading, the Nikkei came to be in negative territory due to concerns about tensions between the US and China and the appreciation of the yen against the dollar, although as the day progressed, optimism prevailed in the face of recovery expectations. cheap in Japan and around the world.

Among the stocks with the highest market capitalization, tech giant Softbank lost 1.47%, while the country's largest vehicle maker Toyota Motor gained 1.36%.

Its competitor Nissan Motor shot up 5.51% shortly before the press conference that those responsible for the alliance that make up this Japanese company together with Mitsubishi and Renault plan to offer this Wednesday, to explain the joint strategy in the face of the crisis facing the sector.

The textile giant Fast Retailing, owner of the clothing store chain Uniqlo, for its part advanced 0.38%.

In the first section, 1,431 values ​​advanced compared to the 663 that fell and the 77 that remained unchanged.

Trading volume amounted to 2.87 trillion yen (24.350 billion euros / 26.690 billion dollars).


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