The Nikkei gains 4.87% at the open after the sharp rise in Wall Street

The Nikkei index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange rose 4.87% today at the open, boosted by the strong advance of Wall Street in its session on Tuesday.

Half an hour after operations began on the Tokyo floor, the Nikkei, which groups the 225 most representative titles on the market. it rose 881.05 points, to 18,973.40 units.

For its part, the Topix, which includes the firms with the largest capitalization, gained 4.36% or 58.07 points, up to 1,391.17 integers.

The increases in Tokyo are linked to the advance on Wall Street, where the Dow Jones ended with a rise of 11.37%, in its best session since 1933, with expectations that the US Congress will soon close a multimillion-dollar economic stimulus package. to face the impact of COVID-19.

Among the securities with the greatest weight in the Tokyo market, the Softbank technology group advanced 3.98%, the Sony corporation gained 4.03% and Toyota, the firm with the largest capitalization, rose 6.46%.


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