The Nikkei closes with an advance of 2.13% in a volatile day

The Nikkei index of the Tokyo Stock Exchange closed with a 2.13% gain on Wednesday, a volatile session that started badly but was gradually being fixed, influenced, among other things, by a depreciation of the Japanese yen against the dollar.

The Nikkei, which includes the 225 most representative titles on the market, today gained 403.06 points, up to 19,353.24 points.

For its part, Topix, which groups the firms with the largest capitalization, gained 1.59% or 22.26 points, up to 1,425.47 integers.

The day began with losses, with the Tokyo parquet influenced by the most recent setbacks on Wall Street, but a wave of buybacks generated positive momentum, also benefited by the strengthening of the dollar against the yen.

The Softbank technology group had an advance of 0.24% today despite reports from the US that account for a lawsuit filed against that firm by the WeWork company over Softbank's decision to back down on a millionaire share purchase.

But he especially highlighted the 7.70% gain in Fast Retailing, owner of the clothing chain Uniqlo, despite the fact that its stores were closed today in Tokyo following the health alert announced on Tuesday by the Shinzo Abe government.

For its part, Nintendo advanced 0.92%, Sony gained 0.17% and Toyota rose 2.03%.

In the Topix group today 1,634 titles rose, 478 fell and 56 ended unchanged.

Trading volume today reached 2.81 trillion yen (23.814 billion euros / 25.822 billion dollars).


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