July 24, 2021

The Nikkei advances 0.78% in the face of a good climate of dialogue between the US and China

The Tokyo Stock Exchange closed today with a 0.78% advance in its main indicator, the Nikkei, pushed by the new favorable news about the trade negotiations between Beijing and Washington.

The Nikkei, which includes the 225 most representative titles in the market, rose 179.83 points today, to 23,292.81 integers.

For its part, Topix, which groups the firms with the highest capitalization, gained 0.69% or 11.62 points, up to 1,702.96 units.

Today's progress was linked to public statements by senior officials from the United States and China with good omens regarding trade negotiations to end their disputes.

Among the main market titles, Nintendo rose 1.92% and the Softbank technology group gained 2.25%.

Toyota, meanwhile, lost 0.30% and the Sony consortium advanced 0.40%.

In the Topix group, 1,555 shares rose, 508 fell and 91 ended unchanged.

The volume of negotiations reached 1.70 billion yen (14,157 million euros), compared to 1.90 trillion yen (15,827 million euros) the previous day.

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