Sun. Jan 26th, 2020

The Nikkei advances 0.75% for good news about US-China tensions

The Tokyo Stock Exchange advanced 0.75% today on its main indicator, the Nikkei, driven by the latest positive news about the US-China trade war.

The Nikkei, which brings together the 225 most representative titles in the market, ended today with a rise of 161.95 points, up to 21,759.61 integers.

For its part, Topix, which includes the most capitalized firms, rose 0.72% or 11.44 points, to 1,585.10 units.

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, announced in the last hours that a new tariff measure will be postponed in fifteen days against China that was to enter into force on October 1.

This measure implied raising the tariff imposed on Chinese imports of $ 250,000 million from 25% to 30%. The postponement was justified by Trump for the holidays China celebrates on the occasion of its 70th anniversary.

Before that October 15 is reached, Washington and Beijing will have already held a new round of trade and economic consultations to try to end trade tensions between the two countries.

The protagonist of the day was the online store selling clothes and accessories Zozo, which ended with a rise of 13.43%.

This is how the market reacted after meeting an offer from Yahoo Japan to start with that company before the start of today's session, in an operation accepted by the management of both firms and which is valued at about $ 3,710 million.

Yahoo Japan, meanwhile, advanced 2.34% and the Softbank technology group, which controls Yahoo Japan, also rose, although less, 0.21%, while Rakuten, Zozo's rival, fell 2.85% .

Regardless of the impact of this operation, Nintendo advanced 1.16% and Toyota, the firm with the largest capitalization of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, fell 0.21%.

From the Topix group, 1,247 titles rose today; 810, they went down, and 94 ended unchanged.

The trading volume reached 2.77 trillion yen (23.291 million euros) today, compared with 2.73 trillion yen (22.983 million euros) the previous day.

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