The Nikis Return

The Nikis Return

They are cited as a direct influence by the hottest group of the moment, Carolina Durante. But in reality, it is not necessary, because when listening to any of the songs from the Madrileños for the moment, a group jumps to the memory like a spring: the Nikis are playing in the background and not only in the room of Carolina Durante, but in the one of other bands like Kokoshca or Airbag, seal companions (Sound Boy) that now publishes the discographic return of the calls "Ramones de Algete".

"Less of the same. Vol. 1 "is the return to the recording studios of the quartet, which has chosen as the single the eloquent" Me confunden con una hipster ". An EP that promises "the four usual chords" but that gave shape to songs such as "El Imperio Contraaca", "Ernesto", or "Salvaje Pasión".

The work, which will be published on January 1, will not be followed by a tour by express will of the group: "The Nikis do not come back to play, nor to become one of those self-tribute groups that are wandering 30 years later; they come back only to give us some songs that only they could have written, that carry their brand: fresh, direct, and with the same bad slob that always"They say in a statement.

The new songs by Emilio, Arturo, Rafa and Joaquín are entitled "La Madre de Jimena", "Donde dijo Digo" and the unrepeatable tribute to their beloved Ramones "I live without living in me".


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