February 27, 2021

The nightmare that lives Chicote on the table with a food

That you can cook a food does not mean that you like it or that you have to have it incorporated into your diet. And they ask you to Alberto Chicote, the most popular TV cook He confessed a few days ago in his Twitter account what is for him that food that he does not eat regularly and that almost everyone consumes. It's about fried eggs. "I hate them since I was a kid," confesses the television.

Chicote is currently experiencing one of its best moments both in terms of popularity. Both in terms of social networks and in its professional facet. In his Twitter account, more and more fans follow him and are interested in another of his hobbies beyond cooking: reading. In fact, more and more users ask for recommended readings to the chef.

As far as TV is concerned, Chicote continues to rain the projects. After (one more year) present the bells of Antena 3 with Cristina Pedroche The chef is waiting for a new season of his famous Nightmare in the Kitchen program in which he tries to rescue restaurants in crisis.

Meanwhile, he has made a series of investigative reports analyzing the situation of various collective dining rooms: schools, nursing homes, hospitals … Chicote brought the space You will eat it, issued by La Sexta, to the Canary Islands with great polmica.

When it comes to your more professional future In the kitchen Chicote is also in a good moment to be in charge of two very personal projects. These are two restaurants in Madrid that at the moment are working more or less correctly and that represent a new professional step for this TV chef but in the background he still likes stoves more than cameras.

Chicote was also news several weeks ago for his spectacular physical change. He started doing sports and taking care of himself more your food and the changes are more than obvious.

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