March 4, 2021

The nightmare of a winner of Survivors: of fame to hide in her neighborhood – La Provincia

Not always making money and succeeding on television means good news. And they tell Miriam Sánchez, the former Mediaset collaborator who in 2008 (more than a decade ago) won the victory in the Survivors contest entitled "Lost in Honduras" and presented by Jesús Vázquez in Telecinco. In theory Sánchez was called to be another toy of the Mediaset universe. And it started being but it didn't end its transformation.

Survivors is, in fact, one of the most famous Telecinco programs that manufactures. In fact, for many, the prize is not to finally win the contest and get the check reserved for who manages to spend more weeks on the island. For many, the main reward is to get other sets and to call them to collaborate and interview them in other formats of the same house. But in the case of Sánchez it was not so.

Once she got the fame, the young woman initially became an advisor to the love of Women and Men and Vice versa (another one of those contests in which Telecinco goes "straining" her celebrities). But he didn't do more. Then he left television and since then not much has been known about her. But the alarm went off these days.

As reported this morning, the Socialité program has long since known that its relatives and friends know nothing about this former survivor contestant. Your health status worries. They don't even see her in her neighborhood. The only thing that is known is that it will go through the operating room. Who wants a change of life and wants it radically.

"No one picks up the phone," a friend of the young woman summarized in statements to the aforementioned Telecinco program. Another of the protagonists of this strange story, the dancer Cristo Vivanco, says that everything is because Sánchez has decided to move away completely from the spotlights, fame and all the consequences that this entails. "He wants to live his life without telling it, it is a change that must be respected," he said, therefore trying to take away some importance or at least seriousness from what was happening with a young woman who became more than a decade ago. in one of the most popular faces of Telecinco and therefore of television in Spain.

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