The night Rosalía went up to the altars | Catalonia

The night Rosalía went up to the altars | Catalonia

The artist TVBoy paints a mural of the singer Rosalía.

The Catalan singer Rosalía, with only 25 years old, you already know what it is to conquer the international audience with your song Badly In addition, since this dawn has achieved a new milestone that few can reach: become a saint and, in addition, place your altar in one of the sacred places of Catalan nationalism and independence: the Fossar de les Moreres. The mural, where it appears the winner of two Latin Grammys dressed as a saint, it is the work of the urban artist TvBoy.

"I have titled the work Santa Rosalía so that the public can reflect on idolatry and the cult of show icons in our society," the designer argues. "Before the object of worship were religious icons and now they are the stars of music and influencer. That is why in this mural the new international star of flamenco-pop appears, which I have wanted to characterize as Santa Rosalía de Palermo, the patron saint of my hometown, a protective saint against infectious diseases, the plague and to whom we must ask for help and protection in difficult times, "he adds.

TvBoy says he finds similarities between the singer and the saint and it was these that led him to do the work. A mural that yesterday placed on a background painted in gold that had previously prepared in a metal door of the Fossar de les Moreres. While he was assembling the work, several curious people came up to admire Santa Rosalia. TvBoy knows that it will not last long, like the rest of his works, but he is convinced that he will awaken sensations in this "magical and special" place.

TvBoy is a street artist who defines his pictorial current as Urban Pop, a trend that draws from different influences, including Andy Warhol himself. At the end of last August, TvBoy placed a mural of the dictator Francisco Franco reconverted into the monster of Frankentein in the Urquinaona plaza in Barcelona. It lasted only a few hours, like the one that installed this Christmas in Milan, where a Santa Claus was arrested by an Italian policeman.

He has placed his works in the streets of Rome, Naples, Berlin, Florence, Madrid and, above all, Barcelona. He has drawn impossible kisses like that of Quim Torra with Pedro Sánchez, Carles Puigdemont's with Mariano Rajoy, Messi with Cristiano Ronaldo, Kim Jong-Un with Donald Trump or the president of the United States with Pope Francisco. He has disguised Mariano Rajoy, Pedro Sánchez, Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera from Ninja Turtles and to the mayors Manuela Carmena Y Ada Colau of superheroines and saints.

Yesterday it was Rosalía's turn and in a matter of minutes there were already spectators taking pictures with the singer's performance.


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