The night of Griezmann

The night of Griezmann

Two goals, one in the lead and the other in a penalty kick, brought the French comeback and brought Antoine Griezmann closer to the coveted Golden Ball. The Atletico player was in charge of the comeback – Kroos, who had scored in the first half – and to leave Löw very touched. Sunken will have to decide the brainy leaders of German football, but apparently yesterday, and despite the changes in the lineup, the German team seems to need a renewal. Nothing comes out and yesterday was the victim of his lack of definition because the match was even and in the first part they were superior to the Deschamps team.

Löw will complain that the action sanctioned with a penalty was not worthy of punishment. A race of Matuidi, Hummels tries to clear from the ground, the Gaul falls and the referee signals infraction. Griezmann from the eleven meters cheats to Neuer and France adds three points that keep it leader while Germany continues with that depression from which it will cost to get up.

And that the goal of Kroos, to mark a penalty by hand of Matuidi, descended to the French. Germany took the initiative, took danger, forced Lloris to make two merit stops and had more ideas. His midfield with Kroos, Kimmich and Kehrer was superior. Pogba and Kanté were badly placed and the game had more depth and more sense in the team of Löw, which lacked more aim and perhaps a little more decision in the final meters. Work gave to Varane, Lucas and Kimpembe the Sané, Werner and Gnabry, another of the novelties in the Teutonic team.

France asleep, slow, without entering its stars, woke up after the break. Deschamps made a tactical move that worked. He sent Mbappé to the left, delayed a few meters to Matuidi and the center of the field gained more strength, the lines were closer together and the chances came. Griezmann found a center for his teammate Lucas to nod off from Neuer. And the draw felt bad to Germany, which had lowered its benefits, which was more predictable with the ball and suffered to control the French offensive, which was not a whirlwind either.

The draw was in line with what they saw at the Stade de France, but the play came from the nonexistent penalty, Griezmann's goal and the French experience to manage the game in a few minutes in which Germany put pride, sought the equalizer and not he found it. In full gala party entered Dembélé by Mbappé and Deschamps retired Griezmann to take the ovation and honors. The Atlético player was the hero of the night.


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