The NFL Washington Redskins will change their name to be considered racist - La Provincia

The Washington Redskins, team that plays in the National Football League (NFL) of football, have confirmed this Monday that They will change their name 'Redskins' -'Red Skins'-, considered an insult against the American nativesas well as its logo.

On July 3, the FedEx stadium sponsors put pressure on the team for them to change their name, in the midst of the ongoing debate about racism in America after the death of African American citizen George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in Minneapolis. "We have communicated to the team in Washington our request to change the name of the team," the company said at the time.

This Monday, the team announced that this month it will review its nickname, which dates back to 1933. "Today we announce that we will remove the name and logo of the 'Redskins'"The team said in a statement.

The team said it was working to develop a new name and logo that "would enhance prestige" of the franchise, "proud and rich in tradition", to "inspire" sponsors, fans and the entire community "for the next 100 years".

Some schools in the United States have changed the names of their sports teams to get rid of insults against native peoples, but the NFL team has so far resisted. The main pressure for change this month came from the shipping company FedEx, which paid hundreds of millions of dollars to sponsor the stadium where the Washington team plays.

The team also discovered that its merchandising was withdrawing from websites like Walmart and Nike, making it clear that the brand was no longer considered acceptable and posing a serious challenge to its profits.

The Controversy over the name 'Redskins' has been around for years and peaked in 2014 when the tribe Oneida, a Native American people, directly asked FedEx to cut its sponsorship, although the campaign did nothing.

However, the country is undergoing a remarkable cultural shift, with a closer look at its past, including movements in the south to get rid of the symbols of the Confederacy, the breakaway region of the United States during the 19th century civil war who supported slavery.

Mississippi recently announced that it would remove the Confederate symbol from its state flag. In sports, the NASCAR banned the Confederate flag from entering their careers, and the Cleveland Indians, a professional baseball club, announced that they would consider a name change.

Despite the change in society, President Donald Trump has criticized the name changes, arguing that the teams are yielding to political correctness, while fueling a narrative of culture wars ahead of this year's presidential election.


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