January 26, 2021

The next Vargas Llosa novel will be inspired by Guatemala

The next Vargas Llosa novel will be inspired by Guatemala

The Spanish-Peruvian writer Mario Vargas Llosa has revealed today that his next novel will be inspired by a story that happened in Guatemala but has declined to offer more details because of his superstition to avoid the book finally being left without seeing the light.

Vargas Llosa explained that his next project was born some years ago at a dinner where he felt "absolutely bored", after being asked by Cuban journalist Yoani Sánchez during a talk they shared at the Hay Festival in Arequipa, hometown of the Peruvian novelist.

"When it was over and people started to leave, a voice by my side told me: 'Mario, I have a story for you to write, I thought:' What a horror! 'It's enough for a writer to be told 'I have a story for you' so that you do not write that story, "Vargas Llosa said.

"However, he told me a story of a country where I had just visited as a tourist, Guatemala, and little by little, with the passage of days and weeks, that character in the story began to make a presence," he said. added

The Nobel Prize for Literature in 2010 explained that he began to read "many things to see if the time more or less corresponded" with the story they told him, and at the same time took notes.

"Suddenly I realized that I had a novelistic project," said Vargas Llosa, last survivor of the "boom" generation of the Latin American novel.

Vargas Llosa published this year "The call of the tribe", a book of essays where he explains his transition from socialism and communism to liberalism.

His latest novel dates back to 2016, when he released "Cinco esquinas", a story set in the corruption of Peru in the 1990s, during the regime of former president Alberto Fujimori.


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