April 11, 2021

“The next number one in the world? It could be Medvedev “

Juan Carlos Ferrero, yesterday on the slopes of El Cortijo Club de Campo.

Juan Carlos Ferrero, yesterday on the slopes of El Cortijo Club de Campo.

The presence of Carlos Alcaraz, the new jewel of Spanish tennis and the main favorite to win the Gran Canaria Challenger 2 that takes place at El Cortijo Club de Campo under the organization of the company MEF Tennis Events, raises as much expectation as that of its coach, Juan Carlos Ferrero, former world number one and protagonist of the most recent historical feats of this sport in Spain.

Now in technical tasks, the Valencian plans to the millimeter the progression of his pupil, to whom many predict a stellar future. No one better than him, used to being under the media spotlight, to prudently lead the career of this promise of the racket that is already beginning to be a palpable reality with only 17 years of age.

Ferrero tells us about the nearest future of Alcaraz, the current situation of Spanish tennis and even the possible heirs of Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic at the top of the ATP ranking.

“Carlos – now number 131 of the ATP – is growing in the right way. Our goal is to be among the 50 best players in the world this year. Breaking the wall of the top 100 will be an excellent result that will change your programming, because you will be able to play many of the best tournaments on the circuit. They will undoubtedly be important experiences for his training as an athlete and as a man ”, he relates about his pupil.

When analyzing the current moment in Spanish tennis, Juan Carlos Ferrero foreshadows a hopeful future: “Our academy, the Juan Carlos Ferrero Equelite Sport Academy, is full of very interesting young people who are training to try to reach the top of the circuit professional. It will not be easy for our country to produce the new Nadal, Ferrer, Moya or Ferrero, but they are a great example for the boys. The balance I make about the future is very positive ”.

The Valencian, regarding the dominance of the world circuit, also makes a prediction about who may be chosen to take over from Nadal, Djokovic and Federer. “Medvedev has a good chance of becoming number one in the world, but I also really like Thiem for his ability to adapt well to any surface,” he says.

The now coach of Carlos Alcaraz is delighted with his stay in Gran Canaria: “We are in a wonderful location and the climate is ideal for sports. I think that the best conditions are really being given to see a great tournament. It is always difficult to organize the first edition of an event, but in this case we must really congratulate those who have contributed to this happening ”.

Regarding the competitive news of Gran Canaria Challenger 2, Blaz Kavcic got the pass to the quarterfinals yesterday. The 33-year-old Slovenian, who was number 68 in the world and has won 17 Challenger titles in his career, defeated Italian Riccardo Bonadio 6-2 6-4 in one hour and 40 minutes of play.

Also passing to the next round was the transalpine player Alessandro Giannessi, who beat the Spaniard Nikolas Sánchez Izquierdo by the result of 7-6 (9) and 7-5. The same was done by Slovak Alex Molcan by eliminating Frenchman Enzo Couacaud (6-2 and 6-4). The latter will not be able to repeat the success he achieved on the slopes of El Cortijo Club de Campo last week, as on Sunday he was proclaimed champion of the Gran Canaria Challenger 1.


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