The next morning the clock advances one hour

The next morning the clock advances one hour

The next morning, the clocks must advance one hour, from 02:00 to 03:00, throughout Europe, which will be the entrance to the summer.

At first, this year should be the last to adopt the change of time, however, the lack of agreement with the commission that studies the issue has led the European Parliament to delay the measure until 2021.

On Tuesday, the European Parliament (EP) made this decision despite the fact that the European Commission had decided in 2018 to make it effective this year.

The EP has asked the countries of the European Union that after 2021 finalize the change of time and allow each country to choose the summer or winter time.

Therefore, in the early hours of Sunday, when it is 02:00, the clocks must be advanced at 03:00.

The time change, which in Spain since 1974, has been defenders and detractors since its inception, but, according to recent reports, energy saving -by which the measure was adopted- does not justify it.


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