March 8, 2021

The next measure of the Ministry of Labor will be to legislate against the false self-employed

I encircle the companies that use false freelancers and, in particular, the digital platforms that they distribute through the so-called ‘riders’. The next measure that will come out of the Ministry of Labor will be legislation against the false self-employed, after the repeal of the objective dismissal for medical leave approved this week, according to advance to official sources and Minister Yolanda Díaz will communicate today in the Congress of the Deputies

Diaz had already warned that his Ministry was going to legislate “with forcefulness” and “speed” against the false self-employed and this will be the next step that comes out of your cabinet. Although in Work they do not dare to give a specific date in which this legislation will be approved, it will foreseeably be before the next phase of “urgent” dismantling of the labor reform of the PP of 2012, which depends on the social dialogue and in Work they believe that It may take longer.

One of the main objectives of this regulation will be to avoid the use of false freelancers on digital platforms, such as Glovo and Deliveroo. The minister has indicated in several of her interventions to this type of companies, which have been persecuted by the Labor Inspectorate for covering up salaried workers after the figure of freelancers.

The minister is appearing this Friday at the Congress of Deputies in the Committee on Labor, Inclusion, Social Security and Migration. Yolanda Díaz stressed that her Ministry has been put to work “from the zero minute”, with measures such as raising the minimum interprofessional salary to 950 euros per month and repealing the objective dismissal for medical leave.

The intention of the minister and her team is to continue “running”, as he has warned upon his appearance, to “recover the work with rights.”

Díaz has valued the labor laws of the last year, especially the last reform of 2012 of the PP, as a chain of “dismantling” of labor law, deregulation, which “only seeks competitiveness through cheap labor.”


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