The next flu shot can be prescribed by your nurse

The next flu shot can be prescribed by your nurse

"Today is an important day for the profession of Nursing in Spain but, above all, for the National Salus System (SNS) because we have just approved a Royal Decree that regulates a matter that has been going on for many years and that has finally been managed to approve by means of agreements in several areas ", has assured the Minister of Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo, after the approval of this measure in the Council of Ministers. The regulations have been approved by the Bureau of the Nursing Profession and the Medical Professional Forum, which means the end of the "war" between doctors and nurses for this reason.

The standard specifies the skills of nurses in the indication, use and authorization of dispensing of certain medicines and health products. In this way, legal security is provided for the handling of medicines that the nursing community uses in its usual care performance (such as vaccines, for example) in order to guarantee the continuity of care and the safety of patients. So, if you ask your nurse tomorrow for a flu shot, she can prescribe it herself. In the absence of publication in the BOE, the new Royal Decree puts an end to a historical claim and legal uncertainty that affected the 300,000 Spanish nurses in daily activities with a large number of medicines.

The president of the General Council of Nursing, Florentino Pérez Raya, affirmed, after knowing the approval, that "the minister in little more than a month has managed to carry out something that we have been fighting for so many years. The legal situation of our professionals was at the eaves, it gives us an impressive legal security. It was unfortunate that there were even demands to the professionals for prescribing a paracetamol, that anyone can buy it in a pharmacy ". Pérez Raya stressed that "today is a historic day for the profession because it puts an end to one of the greatest injustices that our profession has suffered."

The new norm resolves the divergences of interpretation that arose in the application of Royal Decree 954/2015 regarding the competences of the medical and nursing professions, especially with regard to the autonomy of the nursing profession.


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