The Next Bitcoin – Ripple (XRP)

With Bitcoin hovering around the £35,000 mark, if you invested just £1 back in 2010 you would now have a neat £700,000 for your £1 investment.

It might make you feel a little sick, like you missed the boat but don’t worry too much, altcoins are proving to be holding their own and recently growing at a rapid rate.

Right now there is one altcoin that is outperforming the rest and that is Ripple (XRP). Currently at around £0.48p (as of writing this) from £0.16p less than 6 weeks ago, that is a 165% growth. In the last 24 hours alone, Ripple has gone up in value by 15.02%.

Now if Ripple continues to grow at this rate, you would be looking at around turning every £0.48 of XRP into around £22 by the end of the year. So if you owned 1,000 Ripple coins at £480, you would be looking at nice £22,000 return by January 2022.

However, with any cryptocurrency, there are risks, it is a volatile market to get involved with. You should only invest in crypto if you have money to spare. Never rely on making a profit with your life savings, you could lose it all. Any investment in crypto is a gamble.

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The one thing we have to think about is absolutely nobody predicted that in 10 years a coin worth £0.05p would be worth £35,000! So if you do have a spare bit of cash saved, you might not go wrong by buying up some Ripple (XRP) coins whilst they are worth just under 50p each.

The best place to currently purchase Ripple is Revolut. Open a free account here and start investing right away.