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The news of Income 2018, Declaration of the rent, The Province

The news of Income 2018, Declaration of the rent, The Province

The rent campaign has already begun to make the statement by phone or internet

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The campaign of the Income 2018 has officially started on April 2. As of that date, the declaration can be submitted through the internet with the program Renta Web and also for goes phoneto. The option to present the declaration in person will be available from May 14, requesting a prior appointment from May 9.

For this campaign there are important news that the taxpayer should know before submitting your statement. Some of them affect all taxpayers and others have a more specific character. The recommendation is to pay attention to all the news, to the state deductions, but also to the autonomic deductions that vary from one place to another.

Main news of Renta 2018:

With two payers, increase the minimum to not be required to declare the Income

From 12,000 euros to 12,643 euros. This is the increase of the minimum income from which the taxpayer who has more than one payer is obliged to declare and the second or more has been received more than 1,500 euros Therefore, those who during 2018 have received less than 12,643 by two payers, they will be exempt from filing the declaration. In the declaration corresponding to the 2019 fiscal year, the minimum exempt from mandatory declaration shall be 14,000 euros.

The reduction is reduced by work income

For those who have income less than 16,825 euros per year and they do not have income different from the work that surpasses the 6,500 euros it changes the reduction by work yields. And it does so from July 5, 2018 as follows:

-Whoever received earnings less than 13,115 euros per job, the reduction will be of 5,565 euros per year.

-Whoever received earnings between 13,115 and 16,825 euros, the reduction will be of 5,565 minus the result of multiplying the difference between what was earned and 13,115 euros and multiplying it by 1.5.

Increase maternity deduction in Income 2018

In case the taxpayer has had expenses of nursery or authorized education centers, the deduction for maternity is increased by 1,000 euros per year. These 1,000 euros are additional to the 1,200 euros per year for maternity for each child under 3 years old. That s, it is very important that the center is authorized, since otherwise there will be no access to the extra 1,000 euros deduction.

Maternity and paternity benefit exempt from taxation in the declaration of income

One of the great novelties from a ruling of the Supreme Court, is that the maternity or paternity benefits received are exempt from taxation. This includes both benefits received from Social Security, as well as those received from social insurance mutual funds that act as an alternative for self-employed or self-employed workers, as well as salaries paid by public employees without the right to receive maternity or paternity benefits. received during the leave of birth, adoption or guardianship and paternity.

This exemption entered into force on December 30, 2018, but it is also applicable to previous years that have not been prescribed, so that those who have received these benefits and have been taxed in the past, have the right to be paid back.

The deduction for large families increases

Another deduction that increases its amount is that of large families. The increase of the deduction is 600 euros per year for each child that exceeds the required number of the general large family category, starting with the third child and the special large family category, starting with the fifth child. That's right, the deduction is only applicable from July to December 2018, so it will be a maximum of 250 euros. For the fiscal year 2019, the increase will be 600 euros.

Increase the percentage to deduct for investment in companies

Those that during 2018 have invested in new or recently created companies, will see an increase in the deduction percentage, which goes from 20% to 30%. In addition, the base also increases, going from 50,000 euros to 60,000 euros.

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