The New York Times announces its support for Senators Klobuchar and Warren

The New York Times editorial board announced Sunday its support for Senators Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren as Democratic candidates for the White House, having made public the talks held with each of the candidates in the primaries of this formation.

The New York newspaper announced its decision in "The Weekly", the weekly program it produces and that could be seen on the FX channel and on the Hulu platform.

Before, throughout this last week, he was publishing the complete transcripts of the 90-minute interviews that he held with nine of the applicants throughout December to determine who to support.

Finally, the editorial board of the Times has not wanted to support a single candidate, as usual, but has preferred to bet on the two senators at the same time as possible opponents of Donald Trump in the presidential elections next November.

Of Warren, the Times says she is a "talented storyteller. She speaks elegantly of how the economic system is manipulated against everyone except the richest Americans, and of 'our chance to rewrite the rules of power in our country.' ".

The Times notes that "as an advisor to President Barack Obama, Warren was the person responsible for the creation of a new regulatory agency, the Office of Consumer Financial Protection. In his interview with the editorial board, he demonstrated his sophisticated understanding of the different levers of power in an administration, particularly in the use of regulation in areas such as commerce, antitrust and environmental policy. "

From the senator from Minesota Klobuchar, the newspaper highlights her moderation and that it is the "very definition of the Midwestern charism, determination and rigidity. Her long term in the Senate and bipartisan credentials make her a true negotiator", capable of uniting the party and the nation.

"It promises to put the country on the road, through large investments in green infrastructure and legislation to reduce emissions, to achieve 100 percent net zero emissions by 2050. It is committed to reducing child poverty by half in a decade, "recalls the Times.

With this new format of publicizing their opinion, the New York newspaper seeks to give more transparency to its influential decision and allow readers to know the responses of the candidates in sessions that had traditionally taken place behind closed doors.

The newspaper has been supporting candidates for the Presidency of the United States since 1860, when it supported Republican Abraham Lincoln in the prelude to the Civil War.

In the 2016 elections, the Times bowed to Hillary Clinton in front of Bernie Sanders, who turns her back on the Democratic primary and John Kasich in the case of Republicans, who ended up electing the now president, Donald Trump .

The support of the newspaper has special weight in the case of the Democrats, being considered as a means of progressive cut and given that for decades it has always supported the candidate of that party in the presidential elections.


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