The New York Governor denounces the politicization of the pandemic with a "collage"

The Democratic governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo, presented this Wednesday a "collage" made with hundreds of face masks of all kinds that he baptized as "A portrait of the United States" and that he used to charge against Republican Party politicians, whom he accused of be "poisoning" the country with the politicization of the pandemic.

"And do you know that it transmits (the" collage ")? It transmits love (...) this is what the people of the United States is saying," said the governor after removing the black cloth that covered him and showed the masks, which According to Cuomo, they have been sent from all over the country by different people through ordinary mail.

This is the way of people to say "we care and we want to help," said Cuomo of the Democratic Party, before charging at some Republican politicians assuring that "a little more of this and a little less of partisanship and ugliness and our country will be a better place. "

Specifically, Cuomo lashed out at Republican Senators Mitch McConnell of Kentucky and Rick Scott of Florida, whom he accused of asking the federal government not to send funds to Democrat-ruled states.

According to the governor, what the Republican Party, to which the president, Donald Trump belongs, wants is to finance hotels, restaurants, airlines, large companies and public companies, and not the police, nurses, firefighters, teachers or social services, which are paid by the states, which have suffered a large increase in their budget deficits due to the coronavirus crisis.

In addition, he blamed them that the state of Kentucky receives $ 37 billion more from the federal coffers than it contributes and Florida another $ 30 billion, while New York takes $ 29 billion less than the money it gives.

The American study center Carnegie published a report on Tuesday, which assured that in the United States and many other countries, the coronavirus crisis has exacerbated the existing political polarization.

According to this Think Tank, President Donald Trump "has created his narrative about the coronavirus around his favorite partisan targets," from the media to China, to experts and scientists.

"His divisive leadership has widened the partisan divide among ordinary Americans in terms of how they view the crisis and how the government responds to it," the study said.


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