Fri. Dec 6th, 2019

The new winners of ‘Black Friday’ and ‘Cyber ​​Monday’

There is life beyond Amazon, Half markt or The English Court at
Black friday
and the

Cyber ​​monday

. In fact, alternative buying and selling channels are getting more attention and channeling more transactions.

This year it is likely that digital sales have obtained a great boost from orders placed through social networks such as Youtube, Wechat, Instagram and Facebook. "Brands and businesses will feel the effects of a Generation Z with even greater purchasing power," Rob Graf, vice president of strategy and analysis for software maker Salesforce, told Bloomberg. "They are also displacing the environment in which real purchases will be made," said the specialist.

New actors

The momentum of social networks

In this way, social networks and content platforms are becoming the new winners of commercial dates, in a new phase of online shopping with the big ones already settled.

The purpose of these pages is for the consumer to consult and buy without leaving their domain. Like Instagram, which through checkout It allows you to buy and pay without leaving the social network. Likewise, Youtube has recently incorporated more sales possibilities for merchandising for the creators while Facebook It has already established the possibility of buying and selling through Messenger, its chat platform.

In the case of Wechat, the Chinese giant channels payments and spreads across the planet. Without going any further, he has just closed an agreement in Spain to be able to pay in El Corte Inglés with his application.

A Facebook logo on a mobile phone

A Facebook logo on a mobile phone
(Denis Charlet / Afp)


Record days in the United States

Regarding the balance of purchases during the black friday, the data of the United States is already known, where last Friday 7,400 million dollars were spent, about 6,740 million euros, new historical maximum. On the other hand, it is expected that for the cyber monday, the largest day of shopping on the Internet in the US economy, reaches 9.4 billion dollars, about 8.560 million euros, in another record.

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