May 16, 2021

The new WhatsApp scam that circulates on the networks – La Provincia

El nuevo timo de WhatsApp que circula por las redes

WhatWhatsappis the most used instant messaging application in the world makes it a perfect breeding ground for criminals.Twitterhas become a great channel for theState Security Forces and BodiesAlert the public of the scams and scams that spread through social networks and instant messaging applications.

On this occasion,the Civil Guard has had to interveneto avoid that citizens fall into a trap more than the scammers loose on the network to get data and be able to rip people off. On this occasion, it is a message received through WhatsApp.

As detailed in the publication of theMeritorious, a message circulates on WhatsApp in which the income of 3,200 euros is notified to those who have worked between 1999 and 2018 with a simulated ministry link. The message asks that "check if your name is on the list of those who have the right to withdraw those funds." Do not bite: "It's false; euros will not give you, but spam (or something worse) is sure to come, "warns the Civil Guard.

As in other scams of this type,the message contains misspellings and misprints('funds' instead of 'funds', 'euro' instead of 'euros' …) that reveal it as fraudulent.


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