Tue. Oct 22nd, 2019

The new war of the television is not waged with prices, but with contents | TV

In Hollywood it's been called for a long time the streaming wars, the war of television on demand. It's the race of the big content producers to match the Netflix service with their own Internet video platforms. The bet of the giant Warner Media in this scenario will be called HBO Max and, to start, it will have the series exclusively Friends, the jewel in the crown of streaming. It will debut in the US in the spring of 2020 with 10,000 hours of content in its catalog, the company announced.

The emergence of Netflix in Hollywood from 2015 caused a transformation of the film and television industry. Netflix began buying the content of all major Hollywood producers at a price of gold to become a giant video store essential in homes. Today it has 60 million subscribers in the US. His only competition as a payment service for years has been Hulu, with a very limited service to the content of generalist TVs until he launched his own series of success; and with Amazon Video, whose business is different because it charges on demand, not a flat rate.

Those responsible for Netflix say that they always knew that at some point the others would join their technology and the battle would stop being between traditional media and streaming, it would be a battle for content between services on-line Equally comfortable, a television full of apps competing with each other. That moment has arrived.

On the one hand, there is Warner Media. It is owned by the company AT & T and consists primarily of Warner Entertainment (HBO, Cinemax, TNT), Warner Media News & Sports (CNN) and the historic Warner Bros., with a catalog of a century of film and television. To enter the war of streaming, has decided to use the name of more prestige and more recognizable by the television viewer of the entire conglomerate, HBO, and announce it with one of the most successful series in history, Friends. The 236 episodes of the series (1994-2004) were this year the second most watched Netflix content in the United States, behind The Office. This series also leaves Netflix next year, because it will be broadcast exclusively by NBC Universal on its own video platform on-line.

Last year, Disney announced the launch of Disney Plus, a platform for streaming which will include all the content of the entertainment giant (Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm). Disney now has the entire Fox catalog at its disposal, after absorbing it this year. In addition, it has announced a price of $ 7 per month, almost half of the service premium of Netflix. Comcast NBC Universal will also launch its own platform next year, with a free option with ads and a paid option.

Each of these ads is not only a new competitor for Netflix, but content that is going. That explains Netflix's unbridled career in the past four years for producing exclusive content. According to an analysis by PriceWaterhouseCoopers, the platform is close to its limit in terms of growth in subscribers in the US. Stranger Things 3 It has broken all of Netflix's original content viewers records, the company announced, which normally does not give numbers of viewers. It premiered on July 4 and on the 8th Netflix announced that it had already seen 40.7 million homes worldwide. An exclusive film with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Anniston exceeded 30 million viewers in its first weekend on-line.

The business of streaming It is a confluence between technology companies and entertainment companies. That makes other diners, like Apple, sit at the Hollywood cake table. Last March he gave a presentation in style, with Steven Spielberg as guest star, of the launch of a new own catalog of films and series with which he will also compete for the attention of the spectators.

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