Wed. Aug 21st, 2019

The new viral joke by Matías Prats that will leave you "fried"

El nuevo chiste viral de Matías Prats que te dejará “frito”

He has done it again! Matías Prats has taken social networks with another of its particular jokes. His unique journalistic style leads him to be one of the star presenters of Antena 3, not only because of his way of telling the most important news but also because of the way he brings the smile to the audience with the lighter themes of the informative The latter has become their hallmark, something rare in news spaces.

On this occasion, the chascarrillo has had as protagonist the torres de Soria. And of course, I could not miss that tagline final.

This was the viral rap of Matías Prats live

This was the viral rap of Matías Prats live

"The Torreznos make the leap from Soria to the United Kingdom. In 2018 the export of this product began and the first balance is positive. We are going to take advantage so that they tell us what is the formula to make them correctly, which is a matter Silvia González, who It has fried me" With this last phrase, which is key when it comes to cooking this classic of Spanish cuisine, Matías Prats gave way to the famous video.

And with the joke, Prats got the usual, that the viewers get involved and start a journey of comments in social networks. Once again, something as simple as a word that turned the gastronomy and the presenter of Antena 3 into a viral phenomenon. And every weekend, the spectators wait for their jokes like May water.

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