The new traveler seeks safe destinations and short stays

Tourists in Maspalomas. / arcadio suarez

Tourists, increasingly, look for their flights to Gran Canaria in the short term, which makes it difficult to forecast and plan

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The CEO of the HD Group, Andrés Rodríguez, warned this Friday that after the pandemic of the
covid-19 a new traveler has emerged looking for
uncrowded and safe destinationswants fewer trips and shorter stays .

The also member of the Círculo de Empresarios de Gran Canaria has reported in a statement that this business group, founded in 1947 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and which manages four hotels in Gran Canaria, Tenerife and Lanzarote, hopes to "have a good summer in regarding the forecast of tourist arrivals", although it foresees
“a loss of profitability due to the increase in costs”.

Looking ahead to the next tourist season, the HD Group is also beginning to detect "a high level of cancellations due to problems in airport infrastructure in the countries of origin and due to service provisioning problems in general."

Circumstances that generate uncertainty in the sector and to which must be added, he highlighted, the
ukrainian war and the
economic insecurity which leaves, together with the increase in costs and
fuel prices.

Despite all these aspects, he affirms that "the forecasts for the summer are good", although he admits that the sector must remain "cautious and very attentive and review the data practically on a daily basis".

Regarding the demand for air seats, Domínguez assures that
«every time flights to Gran Canaria are sought more in the short term»when "the normal thing at this time is that it was almost completely sold out", which affects forecasts and planning.

«What we are clear about is that the client wants to enjoy and get out of their usual environment. We estimate average occupancy levels in July and August of 80%» by international clients and residents.

Although "air connection problems and economic uncertainty"
will force many canaries to stay on the islandsconsiders that “thanks to the wide range of medium-distance flights from the Canary Islands, residents will take advantage of this to satisfy their desire to travel after the pandemic.”

The new tourist habits detected by the HD Group after the pandemic are related to "last-minute purchases and the consumption of higher-priced products, the increase in direct sales, or customers who value the digital experience to personalize their trip" .

Some changes, he said, that hoteliers address "from the
digitization, innovation and sustainability»aware that this transformation also requires »knowing these new customers better in order to personalize services and offer what they demand«.

This member of the Círculo de Empresarios de Gran Canaria believes that if the tourism sector of the islands strives to "combine its strengths with new products that make them even more attractive to new segments", such as digital nomads or Europeans over 55, with a medium-high purchasing power and who want to spend the winter in a warm place,
“The Canary Islands can become the Florida of Europe”.

However, he warns that this outermost region "cannot add more factors to the remoteness, insularity and dependence of its tourism", for which he welcomed the fact that "the Canary Islands are exempt from paying duties on flights with countries in the European Economic Area”, although it still needs to be ratified by the Council and the European Commission.

“We are aware of the emotional lever that sustainability supposes to create a connection with the client, but
we need to make businesses sustainable over time and we should
rreduce carbon footprint without creating barriers to entry", hence the solution is to "focus on decarbonization strategies, with more efficient aircraft or even less polluting fuels", he referred.

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