July 29, 2021

The new traffic law in Chile regulates the relationship between drivers and cyclists

The new traffic law in Chile regulates the relationship between drivers and cyclists

The streets of Chile will count from this Sunday with a new traffic law that seeks to "harmonize" the relationship between the different means of transport, especially between drivers and cyclists, in an attempt to reduce the accident rate.

The so-called "Law of Road Safety" aims to end the "strongest law" that currently exists on Chilean roads, said the executive secretary of the National Traffic Safety Commission (Conaset), Luis Alberto Stuven, to the channel national television channel 13.

This will not only affect drivers and cyclists, but also all those users of "non-motorized vehicles with one or more wheels propelled exclusively by one or more people located in it", among which are the scooters, skates and skates.

For this, the article, which is to develop more in depth current regulations, establishes, among other considerations, that drivers who wish to overtake a bicycle must maintain a safety distance of at least one and a half meters of separation.

While indicating that cyclists and other users of "cycles" have the obligation to drive on roads enabled whenever possible or, otherwise, by the right lane of the road.

The only ones who will be able to do it by the path will be the minors of 14 years, the adults who accompany minors of seven years and people of the third age.

All those who are caught violating this rule are exposed to fines of between 10,000 and 24,000 pesos (15 and 35 dollars respectively).

A space will also be enabled so that the users of these non-motorized vehicles can stop at the traffic lights in front of the cars.

And it will be mandatory the use by the cyclists of helmet, lights, both on the front and back, reflective clothing and chairs and special retention mechanisms for minors.

From the Regional Ministerial Secretariat highlighted that the mission of this regulation is "to build friendlier cities" with "measures that" guarantee and protect the lives of drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. "

According to data from the Conaset, 6% of the fatalities in traffic accidents are cyclists, a figure that in 2017 rose to 95 dead and puts a total of 1,183 people who have lost their lives due to this cause. over the last decade on the roads of the country.


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