The new strains and the fear of a fourth wave of infections, in Out of Plan

Concern among scientists is increasing over the proliferation of new strains of the coronavirus that may cause a fourth wave of cases. A derivative that will be analyzed this Thursday in Out of plane together with the verification that vaccines protect against disease, but not against contagions.

In this context, the program will address the request for maximum precaution from epidemiologists in the face of the relaxation of the restrictions that is expected in the coming days. A request that joins the caution of some experts on group immunity by ensuring that, to achieve it, it would be necessary to vaccinate 90% of the population instead of the 70% initially announced.

On the other hand, Out of Plane will issue the report “No expiration date"In which he will show the obsession to delay aging, as well as the research that is developed to prolong life by avoiding serious diseases. He will also debate on set about the controversy involved in these studies in relation to the limits of ethical principles in genetic manipulation.

In addition, this Thursday's edition will address the greater public spending that an aging society implies, the business that products and techniques move to preserve the youth and the great job niche that the elderly care sector represents.


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