The new sets of Infecar will be at the end of 2022

From left to right, Antonio Morales, Cosme García Falcón, Raúl García Brink and Nuria Guinot, this Wednesday, in Infecar. / C7

The Cabildo assures that despite the pandemic the sector "did not stop growing" in 2020 and 2021 and expects a "record" 2022 on the island

Victoriano Suarez Alamo

After the summer, the Cabildo de Gran Canaria trusts in
present the new film sets that he has built together with Infecar and that
at the end of this year production companies can develop their different audiovisual projects in them.

September and October will be inaugurated and at the end of the year they will be available for filming. We are the first island in the archipelago with facilities of this magnitude, which
puts us at the forefront», highlighted this Wednesday Antonio Morales, president of the Cabildo.

"Thanks to the sets
audiovisual production will increase»added Morales, who is confident that the recurrence of filming will increase and many productions will extend their stay on the island since they will be able to shoot all the films or series between the exterior locations and these new facilities.

your management

“We are working on the formula to manage them. The
mother management will be from Infecar and the proposal is being put together so that they can
be reliable and plural, both for local productions as well as for national and international ones”, advanced the insular president.

Morales reiterated the importance of the audiovisual sector for
“Support the island economy”while
Cosme Garcia Falcon, manager of Spegc, highlighted that filming generates many and diversified jobs. “On one side is the industry itself.
specialized sector and support and on the other hand there is the brutal mobilization of resources that big productions imply”, as has happened recently with 'The Mother' and now with 'Jack Ryan'.

The one who
uncertainty generated two years ago around the security and development of tax incentives on the islands has been resolved has boosted the sector. "It was at risk, it could be redirected and it will continue to improve," said Antonio Morales.

A 2022 “record”

Gran Canaria is on its way to closing a "record" 2022 in terms of audiovisual productions developed and shot on the island, to such an extent that the Cabildo de Gran Canaria expects
“exceed 100 million euros of investment” during this exercise.

Antonio Morales, president of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria, pointed out that the
“expectations are very positive”, despite the global economic setbacks caused by galloping inflation and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.


  • in 2020
    The island hosted 56 audiovisual productions, 132 advertising and the investment was 10.3 million euros.

  • 2021
    There were 52 audiovisual productions, 90 advertising and the estimated investment amounted to 26.9 million euros.

  • feature films
    Among the feature films shot last year are 'Lemon bread with poppy seeds, 'The house between cactus' or 'Empire'.

  • This year
    'The Mother', with Jennifer Lopez, and the series 'Jack Ryan' are the biggest shoots this year at the moment

The island president assured that so far this year they have already been developed on the island
five feature films and three series. There are more audiovisual projects that will arrive in the coming months and whose names were not disclosed due to the confidentiality clauses that mark the pace in this type of project.

Michael Peña, on the left, on the set of 'Jack Ryan', this Monday, at the Castillo del Romeral. /

arcadio suarez

Among the most significant productions developed are the feature film
'The Mother'starring and co-produced by Jennifer Lopez to be broadcast on Netflix, the Nordic series '
AMMO'and the North American
'Jack Ryan'whose fourth season is being shot until the end of the month to be broadcast by Amazon Prime Video and which has the company from Gran Canaria
Seven Islands Film as local link.

Consolidated growth

This good moment of a strategic sector for the island and regional economy was maintained in the worst moments of the covid-19 pandemic. Antonio Morales explained that the island not only resisted but also
“grew” in audiovisual activity both during 2020 and the following year.

A total of
56 audiovisual productions were developed in Gran Canaria during 2020. Three fiction feature films, four non-fiction films, a television series, eleven television programs, ten short films, nine digital animation productions and 18 more projects of different depth, such as video clips, were shot. They were also counted
132 advertising productionswhich involved an estimated investment of
10,337,452 euros.

In 2021, the island welcomed
five fiction feature films, three non-fiction films, two series, 13 television programs, three short films, 14 digital animation productions and 12 other projects. The advertising productions were 90 and the estimated total investment was
26,960,020 euros.

Among the feature films shot last year are the Spanish
'Lemon Poppy Seed Bread''The house among the cacti', 'From lost to Rio', the Danish
'Empire' and the Austrian 'Love Machine', among others.

Return of professionals

animation has not stopped growing, it has gone from 9 series to 14, all made in Gran Canaria and exhibited all over the world", Morales stressed about a sector that, in addition, has allowed the return to the island of Canarian professionals and the training , also here, from
40% of new hires in the last two years by the producers.

Antonio Morales, during the act developed together with
Raul Garcia Brink, coordinator of Economic Development, Energy and R+D+i, Cosme García Falcón, manager of the Gran Canaria Economic Promotion Society (Spegc) and
Nuria Guinothead of the Gran Canaria Film Commission, valued "the public's predisposition" when dealing with the different shoots, as well as the commitment of the different municipalities and public institutions to speed up the pertinent permits so that production companies can shoot .

health, legal and crime safetyin addition to the accommodation offer» are, according to the island president, other attractions, in addition to the variety of natural landscapes, that convince national and international production companies when choosing Gran Canaria for their filming.

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