May 16, 2021

The new pyramid scam that also affects the Canary Islands: the scam of 33 euros – La Provincia

The mandala of abundance is a pyramid scam through WhatsApp which consists of a message, which arrives forwarded from one of your trusted contacts as a game, in which you make sure that you know if you share a sum of money with someone, a week later a larger amount will be obtained in return.

Specifically, the deception consists of a message with several information in which they ensure that if 33 euros are exchanged collectively With other friends, 1,848 will be received one week later.

This pyramid scam appeared in 2015 affecting several social networks, such as Facebook, and in recent weeks it seems to have re-emerged, but this time affecting the WhatsApp platform. The success of this scam is that in many cases, the people who send it to you are trusted people who have no intention of scamming your contacts.

The message redirects the user to a video in which a girl appears explaining that it is a solidarity system, and that when giving a gift to a person, you have to repeat the operation and forward the message to feedback the circle to two other contacts. So, little by little, he manages to multiply the money, but it is a hoax, since in order for a person to win they have to lose another seven and wait to find new players.

Although in most cases the people who send the mandala do not want to cheat their acquaintances, it can also be the case that a person tries to get more players when he realizes that not able to recover your initial investment, according to Panda Security.

Four levels of deception

The pyramidal structure is reflected in a virtual game board It is shaped like a flower, but it is structured like the layers of an onion, as they point out from the cybersecurity company. This means that people who are in the outer layers are further from winning.

There are four levels and how many more players join closer will be the first to have sent the message. Thus, the first level of the mandala is called Fire, and to start the game it takes eight people enter 33 euros in the bank account of one of the players.

The next level is Air. It is assumed that it already has four people who have deposited the initial sum, and these have to attract two other new participants, who in turn will have to attract more players to climb positions.

Earth is the next level, in which there is only room for two people who are waiting for the one in the highest ranking to win to climb them. Water is the last level, and whoever reaches this level you will receive all the 'donations' from the players that are below.

The player who has won is removed and the mandala is divided in two making the people who were on the Earth level ascend to the highest level. This closes the circle again and the scam is still running.

Panda Security's Global Consumer Operations Manager, Hervé Lambert, points out that "the most surprising of all is that this scam is not organized by any organized group of hackers, but by autonomous individuals who decide to fool their contacts in a premeditated manner."


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