June 13, 2021

The new PowerPoint has a Cordovan accent | Trends

The new PowerPoint has a Cordovan accent | Trends

Breaking a bit the molds of the entrepreneur archetype startups, Juan does not come in shirt and sneakers, has not installed his company in Madrid or Barcelona, ​​and does not expect to hit the ball in a short time. "We know that short-termism does not exist," he says. "This process is a long-term path, a long-distance race."

Juan Rubio, CEO and co-founder of Genial.ly, initially raised this content generation tool for internal use, in the communication agency Ecoavantis that he himself had founded. However, in its desire to make interactive content accessible to everyone, and that anyone could develop without prior knowledge of design or programming, made little by little, the development model was changing.

"Genial.ly is a web tool that allows you to merge two worlds as opposed as they are the world of PowerPoint with the world of web technology" explains Rubio.

It offers a large number of formats through templates: games, infographics, maps … Although it is compared with a more dynamic PowerPoint, the fact is that the part of the presentations is just one of the many possibilities of interactive content that can be chosen . There is even the possibility of making résumés, quizzes, interactive guides …

Perhaps this facility and variety is what has made the world of education more echoed when using this tool: "The education sector is where you need to make the communication process more fun, because at last and Corporal, teaching is nothing more than communicating. We receive almost daily feedback of professors and students who tell us how their lives have changed, professional in this case, thanks to the fact that they can now create things that until now were almost unattainable for them, "says its CEO.

Of the more than one and a half million users, 70% comes from the world of education "and the most curious thing" continues Rico, "is that they come from all areas, from elementary students to university, business schools, e- learning … That is, from all sectors of education, both teachers and students. "

Another reason for its rapid diffusion in this sector is due to its model freemium. That is, they have a free part and a paid part. "In fact, 99% of our users use the free version." The other party that supports the business, the payment, is composed of companies that "also come from all areas, from SMEs to large customers such as Danone, FC Barcelona, ​​Michelin, the UN …".

The Cordovan headquarters of the startup welcomes 20 of its 25 workers. The rest is between Madrid and Malaga. Divided into two large profiles, we find the one related to product, where not only computer engineers play a fundamental role, but also designers "because one of the features that we like most about our product is that they have many resources and templates". Specifies Rubio, and continues: "The rest of the team is more linked to communication, marketing, business development, etc."

For a year and a half they have collaborated with Wayra, Telefónica's innovation hub, present in 10 countries. More than 400 of the startups that participated in its Open Innovation program are still active and more than 100 are doing business with the company. "The truth is that collaboration is being especially helpful. Telefónica is already the global reference that we aspire to be and it helps us in that path we want to build ".

Among the plans that have been proposed this 2019, Genial.ly intends to continue with its strategy of "creating content accessible to everyone, so that everyone can create great content, hence the name of the tool." In addition, they plan to disembark in the US with an operational office to accelerate its growth on the other side of the Atlantic.

"Currently, 70% of our users come from Spanish-speaking countries, 15% from French-speaking countries and the remaining percentage from the US and other countries."


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