July 14, 2020

The new owner of Ving guarantees the Canary Islands 400,000 places in Nordic countries

The hotel entrepreneur who has bought Ving Group, the brand under which Thomas Cook Northern Europe operated, Petter Stordalen, has guaranteed this Saturday the continuity of the 400,000 air places between the Canary Islands and the Scandinavian countries operated by the British tour operator.

Stordalen has taken control of 40% of the capital of the Nordic subsidiary of Thomas Cook through its company Strawberry Group, with the support of the Altor fund, which has acquired another 40%, and the firm TDR Capital, which controls The remaining 20%.

In a press conference offered this Saturday in the south of Gran Canaria, the new owner of Ving has indicated that he is determined to "never sell, as a target", after having invested 600 million euros in this operation.

The Norwegian businessman has declared himself "very happy" to have acquired Thomas Cook Northern Europe, a company for which "other 20 companies" were bidding, something in which he considers that his interest in "the entire group, airline and employees".

"If the airline was not bought, we could not bring clients to the Canary Islands" and so "the lawyers who worked on the purchase saw it," he explained.

The way in which the operation has been focused, he said, guarantees that "all clients who had their trip purchased through a deposit fly", as well as paying the debt to the hotels, of which "on day 1 60 million were paid ".

In addition, he added, the Ving group has Nordic owners, for whom this company "is very important" and "has always given benefits."

Stordalen has pointed out that the group's sales to the Canary Islands in the Scandinavian market are above those of last year and that its purpose is to increase business with the islands and introduce its "hotel concept" in this Spanish destination.

It is also proposed to "work with local owners", since "for Ving Canarias it is key in the Nordic market in winter".

The president of the Federation of Entrepreneurs of Hospitality and Tourism of Las Palmas (FEHT), José María Mañaricúa, explained that "for Gran Canaria and its tourism sector" the most important part of Thomas Cook "was this, the Nordic", and that "survives in time" means "saving the winter season."

In the case of Gran Canaria, Thomas Cook contributed "13,000 seats" from the United Kingdom in the winter season, but "250,000" from the Scandinavian countries, so the bet he has made for the destination Petter Stordalen "is" the best news of the year. "

The president of the FEHT has stressed that the Norwegian businessman "is a businessman, hotelier, with 206 hotels in his group and 27 construction today," who "knows the tourism industry and is going to marry his group and the plan of loyalty with the airline ”.

"Stordalen buys to stay and merge it with his company and survive in time," he added.

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