Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

The new leader of the JNC supports that Comín and Ponsatí go on the list of JxCat for the European

La nueva líder de la JNC respalda que Comín y Ponsatí vayan en la lista de JxCat para las europeas

The new secretary general of Joventut Nacionalista de Catalunya (JNC), Judith Toronjo, supports that Toni Comín Y Clara Ponsatí accompany Carles Puigdemont in the candidacy of Junts per Catalunya for the European elections.

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This is how the leader of the youth of the PDECat in an interview with the Agència Catalana de Notícies (ACN) in which he affirms that this would be "a good formula" and that the two exconsellers would help to "reaffirm the commitment" of the training and to win in Catalonia. Grapefruit also sees with good eyes that Puigdemont is the leader of JxCat although has led to the break of the traditional alliance with the PNV for European appointments.

This week the three former members of the Government signed a joint article in various media in favor of the joint candidacy of the independence movement for the elections on May 26 to the European Parliament, something in which insists for weeks the Catalan National Assembly (ANC). It was another maneuver to pressure Esquerra Republicana, that at all times has rejected that scenario.

On Thursday the number two for Barcelona in the general elections, the ex-president Laura Borràs, there would also be the door to that stage in the corridors of the Parlament. "Whoever decides not to be part of the unit will explain the reasons why he does it," said Borràs, referring to the Republicans.

Ponsatí does not have a seat in the Catalan Chamber, but Comín keeps his deputy act of the Republican group although he does not delegate the vote since the Belgian justice rejected the euroorden by Pablo Llarena. Of the deputies prosecuted for the cause of 1-O who maintain the record is the only one that has not been suspended.

Former Salut is the man of ERC in the Consell per la Republica and it is complicated that the list of JxCat draw more than one deputy in the European polls according to. As he pointed out The confidential this Friday he would be evaluating the options that are presented to him.

To accept the number two of the list of JxCat, would be the third jump of Comín, that entered in the PSC with Ciutadans pel Canvi and happened to military in the socialist rows soon to stop in Junts pel Yes with a critical current and finally to concur in ERC lists in the last regional elections.

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