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El nuevo invento para acabar con los problemas de wifi.

When someone is asked about their Wi-Fi connection and the answer is that it does not work as well as they would like, one of the reasons they usually mention for this to happen is thatsomeone is stealing your network. It is one of the most popular excuses, but they are not always true.

Even so, in these situations, the majority cut short and decideschange rate or device. He even looks for solutions to improve the signal. However, a Norwegian startup,Domes, has created a way to eliminate wifi problems without having to do any of the above steps.

One of the founders of this company, Erik Skaug, explains to Teknautas Bentwhy the connection of a home fails: "The most common problems are usually the interference of other Wi-Fi networks, interruptions by other electrical devices or poor coverage, the most common being a combination of the three."

In addition, Skaug refuses to change the device in these cases and ensures that "a repeater to boost the signal is more than frequent." Also, renew the rate does not see it as thebest way to solveThese problems, because "if your Wi-Fi exerts as a bottle neck, something very common, the change will not help you".


So, Domos has designed an online platform that receives data from our Wi-Fi and analyzes them withArtificial Intelligence and 'machine learning'. This system can be used with most router models that have been distributed in recent years.

On its operation, Skaug clarifies that when its algorithm analyzes the information, "in no case are collectedconfidential data,about content or Internet services that are used. "Some of the aspects that it actually collects are the amount of data or the information of the rates that are transferred between a device, the signal strength or the existing noise in both the band 2.4 as 5 Ghz.

From this, Domos concludes if a router is poorly optimized or not enough and in the same way with the ADSL. Thus, companies can be more securewhat is necessary for each userand can offer the most suitable product in each case. It has no cost to the client, although it is possible that the company charges it through the monthly invoice.


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