Wed. Dec 11th, 2019

the new fashion that threatens the reign of Fortnite

In recent weeks a new genre has rivaled the popular
Battle Royale
in the platform of directives par excellence, Twitch. It's about the
, a game mode born a few months ago as a modification of Valve's videogame Dota 2 under the name of Dota Auto Chess for Android devices.

The makers of this new fashion are the developers of Drodo Studio that, from the characters of Dota 2, created this modification for mobile phones. The new fashion genre, the Autobattler, It is based on strategy. Players face each other on a board similar to chess, where they must place their fighters and equip them with different objects. At the end of the round, these characters fight automatically.


The objective is to defeat the enemies and, to achieve this, it is important to think about which wrestlers you use, where you place them and with what objects you equip them. To regulate the possibilities of each player, they have limited money, which is used to buy items and fighters. This means that racionar resources is also very important.

The gender of Autobattler was born on Android devices from the MOBA of Valve, Dota 2. Seeing the success he had, Valve quickly began to negotiate with Drodo Studio to bring Dota Auto Chess to computers. But the Epic Games Store he went ahead and, during the PC Gaming Show from the past E3 2019, Drodo announced that Auto Chess would be exclusive to the Epic store on PC and that it would be published during this year.


Faced with this situation, Valve decided to develop his own Autobattler And I think Dota Underlords, which can be downloaded through the store Steam for a few weeks. In parallel, the company responsible for the successful League of Legends, Riot Games, decided to create his own version of the fashion genre: Teamfight Tactics.

At this moment the picture is this: on mobile devices, the king is still the Auto Chess of Drodo Studio – the original game – while, on PC, the battle has been won by Riot and his Teamfight Tactics, much more popular than Dota Underlords. League of Legends is the most played free MOBA on the computer, Dota 2 always goes behind. It was easy to foresee that a game based on League of Legends would be more successful than a title based on Dota.


Barely a week ago, this new genre ousted the Battle Royale of Fortnite as the most watched video game on Twitch. And, for several days, Teamfight Tactics retained the game title with more viewers on live broadcast platforms. Now, Fortnite has returned to the top position, although the Autobattler from Riot stays very close to the podium.

It is difficult to guess what will happen to this new genre in a few months, since the picture can change substantially when the original Auto Chess – the Drodo Studio – debuts at the Epic Games Store. The audience will be divided between the three main options (Teamfight Tactics, Dota Underlords and Auto Chess) and the other minor versions that will appear. But, as in the Battle Royale, only a video game will be done with the title of the Autobattler most played.

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