the new «fashion» in apps to flirt

the new «fashion» in apps to flirt

Researchers at the European University have come up with a new "fashion" through the applications to bind as Tinder, in which it is becoming more usual look for risks during sex how to maintain relationships with people who suffer sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

In addition to the use of drugs, the lies about who and how one is in reality or risky behaviors, a group of Spanish criminologists has come up with a new trend as "alarming" as is the sex with seropositive people and with other diseases by the mere fact of "morbid and adrenaline", according to experts.

Among his conclusions, they emphasize that love, gender or personal image "become liquid in this parallel reality in which dramaturgy is constant". And it is about applications that, according to criminologists, are characterized by "social interactions excessively scripted and lacking in authenticity".

The authors, who have conducted more than 30 in-depth interviews with users of these 'apps' of all kinds and sexual orientation, assure that the behaviors that are putting these tools fashionable imply "a danger to public health".

"The interest of some users to maintain relationships with people suffering from sexually transmitted diseases is one of the most alarming trends that the investigation has detected," the researchers explained.

Other conclusions are the "commodification" of relationships among users, the feeling of "discredit, disappointment and social emptiness" or the normalization of aggression and harassment.

However, they highlighted as a positive aspect that "In some cases they empower people with problems in social relationships allowing them to establish emotional or erotic ties. "



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