The new ETT agreement, the first with a minimum salary of 14,000 euros

The new ETT agreement, the first with a minimum salary of 14,000 euros


CC.OO., UGT and the employers of temporary employment companies, Asempleo, have signed this morning in Madrid the new agreement text of the sector of temporary employment agencies (temporary employment agencies) that will be in force until December 31, 2020 and that will benefit some 750,000 workers.

The agreement improves the working and salary conditions of the structure staff that professionally manages the temporality, as well as the paid leave of all the staff made available, and also represents a step forward in terms of collective bargaining, being the first sectoral agreement that places the minimum wage of the agreement at 14,000 euros per year, with wage increases higher than that established in the IV AENC.

In this sense, the salary evolution that the parties have agreed for the coming years will increase by around 6% every year, until getting 14,000 euros in 2020, for groups of workers 1 and 2, who are the only ones who to date have received less than this figure. For groups 3 to 7, the agreement establishes increases of 3.75% in 2018, 3% in 2019, 2.25% in 2020 and 0.25% on December 1, 2020 (without retroactive effect).

Agreement also incorporates the issues of ultra-activity established by the ruling of the Supreme Court and provides two additional permits for workers with 12 months or more of seniority to those already contemplated in the previous one for dependent children and for accompanying relatives.


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