February 27, 2021

The new ERTE at PSA Vigo will also include partial contracts

The management of the PSA Group factory in Vigo has agreed to include in the temporary employment regulation (ERTE) file for organizational and productive reasons that negotiates with unions also permanent staff with part-time contracts, company sources reported .

Until now, it only contemplated including full-time permanent staff.

The ERTE would be carried out in two phases: the first of which from the resumption of activity until the summer, in which there would be an “accelerated team integration scenario” that would allow reducing the number of days from 55 initially planned to 37 , and the second until the end of the year.

In any case, the 90-day global ERTE is maintained “to offer a reconciliation alternative” to employees with school-age children during the recovery period of the activity, the company sources detailed.

The level of coverage would be 80% of the salary of the days of suspension plus the proportional part of extra payments, and 100% of the salary on vacation.

The latest offer transferred to the unions includes a commitment for eventual personnel with a minimum wage of 80 hours per month and a commitment to be re-hired when there is activity if their current one is extinguished before 12 months.

In a letter to the staff, the director of the PSA Vigo plant, Ignacio Bueno, points out that “nobody could imagine this situation a few months ago: we had the expectation of exceeding our manufacturing record and we were ready to continue advancing with the industrial launches. “

“However, now we have been at home for almost a month, without being able to manufacture vehicles,” regrets Bueno, who acknowledges that the multinational and in general the entire economy of the country “could not live long in this situation” of paralysis. , and invites the staff to prepare for their return to work, even without a defined date.


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