July 3, 2020

The new director of the Women’s Institute and her controversial “radical sexual agenda” against hetero-patriarchy

Beatriz Gimeno, who was president of the Federation of Lesbians, Gays, Transsexuals and Bisexuals (Felgtb), will be the new director of the Women’s Institute, as announced yesterday by the Minister of Equality, Irene Montero.

Gimeno was responsible for the area of ​​Equality of Podemos in the Community of Madrid and will replace Rocío Rodríguez Prieto in charge of the Women’s Institute, an institution that was created in 1983.

His appointment, however, has not gone unnoticed and social networks have been responsible for remembering the radical profile of Gimeno rescuing some of his controversial statements about patriarchy, the sexuality that heterosexual people should have, breastfeeding – which oppresses women- or permanent prison revisable.

his feminist and lesbian philosophy It has sometimes led him to make speeches that could be called homophobes because of his criticism of the men he calls “oppressors, violent and promiscuous ” or to affirm that equality goes through “Anal penetration by women”.

“The anus is one of the main erogenous zones for men and women. Especially for men. In order for a true cultural change to take place, hegemonic and hetero-normative sexual practices must also change and that without that change, which affects the symbolic and the construction of subjectivities, there will be no real social change that equals men and women. ”

In its radicality, Gimeno has come to sign that “the heterosexuality it is not the natural way of living sexuality, but that It is a political and social tool with a very specific function that feminists denounced decades ago: subordinate women to men ”and adds“ Forget that in most of the historical periods the women, if they could have chosen, they would have chosen not to have sex with men, not to live with them, not to relate to them, is to forget something fundamental in the history of women (and men). ”

Other issues for which Gimeno has been especially controversial is his vision of abuse among lesbians. In one article, he said that “to understand that the ill-treatment that exists in homosexual couples is the same does not help GLTB people and, of course, does not help women.”

Last December the hitherto deputy of Podemos in the Assembly of Madrid also generated a great controversy with a “tweet” published after hearing the verifiable permanent prison sentence of “El Gicle”, confessed killer of Diana Quer. Gimeno showed himself in a “tweet” contrary to this sentence and proclaimed: “We don’t want more prisoners or more prisons.”

This new appointment has set social networks on fire and it is that the trajectory of this history of feminism and LGBT rights gives much in the light of the statements that today are responsible for recovering on Twitter. These are some of the pearls of the new director of the women’s institute:

  • “It’s the heterosexuality the one that really it digs into the lives and bodies of women. Be in the physical space of the lesbianism can result liberating while assuming a position of outsider regarding heterosexuality, while the body feels freer and breathes. “
  • “Feminism struggles boldly to limit the damage that heterosexuality causes in women. ”
  • “The queen has been given an award for her well-known commitment in the fight against gender violence. Known at home at lunchtime. ”
  • “There are many lesbians who claim to have chosen to be either for political reasons or, although they do not realize that choice, they say they have reached the conclusion that as lesbians they are happier, since they find that relationships between women are endowed with qualities that they don’t find in men. “
  • Macho violence is only exercised by men against women because men are the only ones in this society who can be found in the male position. When a man kills a woman for machismo, it is a murder for hatred of women, which is what machismo is simplifying a lot. “
  • “I would like to contribute to problematize the following question: given the deep symbolism associated with the power and masculinity that penetration (women) has in patriarchal culture, what could change, what cultural importance would an equal redistribution of all practices , of all pleasures, of all sexual roles, including anal penetration from women to men? ”

His opinion on surrogacy has also given much to talk about but not because of its radicality but because of his change of opinion in months. First he saw this measure as something sensible and then as a macho claim by Albert Rivera.

Irene Montero and the controversial appointments of her Ministry have undoubtedly become one of the star themes of the day in social networks.


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