The new digital change will allow calling or writing without coverage

The revolution of mobile devices with services without coverage

Today, the mobile devices They have become indispensable in the lives of millions of people around the world. These no longer only offer you the possibility of talking to anyone from another country or sending them a message, but they also have more and more innovative services factory, to which you can add another type of Applications like WhatsApp or any other social network. The problem comes when to use most of them, the user needs to be connected to a gridnot only that of data either Wifialso to a signal, which in its absence is what we commonly call being without signal.

When you go on a trip or are in an area that is less well communicated by the environment, such as a valley or a mountain, it often happens that you run out of coverage, which means not being able to call and feeling that the phone is useless in such situations. locationstherefore, from telephone companies have been proposing a new system to be able to continue offering those services even without coverage. The change would be being studied at the moment, but it would work via satellite, in this way, you will always be connected, since their range is much greater and covers the entire planet.