The new decree obliges the ULPGC to publish 250 more articles per year

Plenary session of the Social Council held by videoconference with the presence of the rector of the ULPGC, Lluís Serra.  |  |  LP / DLP

Plenary session of the Social Council held by videoconference with the presence of the rector of the ULPGC, Lluís Serra. | | LP / DLP

The University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria publishes approximately 850 articles per year, “which is 0.53 per teacher / year”, and to reach the requirement of the new royal decree would have to reach about 1,100 articles per year, around 250 more. This was pointed out by the vice-rector for Research and Transfer, Marisol Izquierdo during the plenary session of the Social Council of the ULPGC held last Thursday, and in which the draft of the royal decree prepared by the Ministry of Universities on the essential requirements in the creation , recognition and authorization of universities in Spain, and that it plans to replace the royal decree that is currently in force, approved in 2015.

During the extraordinary session, in which the Social Council has shown its support and collaboration to the new rector team to meet the requirements of the future regulations, the rector Lluís Serra, has stated that the draft royal decree establishes a period of five years for meet the new requirements and that the deficiencies detected in the ULPGC and in most of the Spanish universities regarding the staff, is a consequence of the policy of cuts that has been applied to the universities, which has affected the rates of replacement of the teaching and research staff (PDI) and administration and services (PAS).

Lluis Serra points out the need to reverse the level of temporality of the squads

“I am sure that in five years the ULPGC will meet the requirements,” said the rector, who showed the willingness of his team to reverse some indicators that he considers important, “such as the temporary nature of the workforce, which to generate research needs job stability” .

He also informed the plenary session of the Social Council that “the ULPGC must mark the social change to a knowledge economy and, therefore, that happens through productive university staff, and I know that these are objectives that we will be able to achieve,” he concluded.

The secretary of the Social Council, Miguel Ángel Acosta, reported that the Conference of the Social Council of Spanish Universities considers that this royal decree has some points for improvement, “such as not taking into account the possibility that there are polytechnic or specialized universities, procedures of transparency or internal control of the management, or the obligation that the universities have research plans with around 5% of their budget, when today the financing of public universities is predetermined by the autonomous communities ” .

Acosta reported that the ULPGC complies with the new requirements of the future regulations, except for the temporary workforce, which exceeds the stipulated 40%, “although it would be necessary to analyze whether the data handled by the University Observatory includes staff Associate Professor of Health Sciences ”, which has another employment consideration.

Finally, the plenary session showed its absolute support and collaboration so that the ULPGC achieves in these years the objectives of teaching staff and research required in the draft of the new royal decree.


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