August 14, 2020

The new Congress is constituted tomorrow with the doubt of whether Vox will enter the Bureau and how the Constitution will be followed

The constitutive sessions of the Congress and the Senate will be held simultaneously from ten in the morning with the presence of elected parliamentarians in the general elections of November 10.

In the Lower House, the session will be chaired by the oldest elected deputy, who will again be the Burgos socialist Agustín Javier Zamarrón Moreno, 73, who will attend as secretaries the two youngest. Marta Rosique, from ERC, 23, and Lucía Muñoz Dalda, from Podemos, 26, will also repeat in those positions.


They will be the only three deputies, together with the members of the Government, who already have a fixed place in the hemicycle, because the others will be distributed by the Plenary Hall as they consider, because that 'first day of school' there is no reservation of places. It remains to be seen in which part of the hemicycle Vox is located, which already in the previous constitutive session surprised by occupying the seats of the PSOE and which will now expand its presence with its 52 deputies.

The two secretaries will read the names of all the elect in alphabetical order and the contentious-electoral appeals filed, indicating the deputies that could be affected by their resolution.

The voting will then proceed to elect the nine members of the governing body of the Chamber, the Presidential Bureau. Deputies must go down from their seats to the presidential table to deposit their ballots in the ballot box.

The first thing will be to elect the Presidency, for which at least two nominations are planned, that of the socialist Meritxell Batet and that of the 'popular' Ana Pastor. The one that obtains the absolute majority of the Chamber will be elected, which in the case of Batet would only involve adding 21 votes to those already insured with the PSOE and United We Can. If at first no one obtains those 176 votes, the vote will be repeated between the two candidates who have added more support and will be chosen who obtains more votes, that is, simple majority.

Afterwards, the four Vice Presidencies will be voted on in one stroke. The deputies can only write a name on their ballot and the four most supported will occupy their positions in order from highest to lowest. The same mechanism is used to choose the four Secretariats.


These votes are where the PSOE and United We have promoted a 'sanitary cordon' to prevent Vox from being represented in the governing body of Congress, a veto that was not clarified at the end of Monday. And it is that the groups continued to negotiate several bands on the wired formulas that are on the table to veto Vox, allow them to be only with one position or to achieve the two that arithmetically correspond to them.

The PP, which with its votes has secured at least two positions, has refused to join the veto and has proposed an alliance with Vox and Citizens so that the 'popular' are made with two seats, those of Abascal with one and the oranges with another .

But from Vox, until late on Monday they refused to facilitate the entry of oranges, insisting that they "correspond" to two positions. In the PP they will try until the end of the two parties, although without ruling out seeking the support of the PSOE to take three places for themselves if Vox remains in its refusal to enter the equation.

Given the attitude of Vox not to collaborate so that Citizens achieve the seat to which aspires oranges could try to seek the support of the Socialists and not only the PP.

Those of Santiago Abascal, who with 52 deputies are the third parliamentary force, can obtain by themselves two positions in the Table of the Congress (a Vice Presidency and a Secretariat) as long as a 'sanitary cordon' does not triumph against them.

The PSOE and Unidos Podemos, which total 155 deputies and aspire to take five of the nine positions of the Bureau, already have the express support of PNV, Más País and Compromís to try to exclude Vox, but their problem is that they must triple those 52 deputies in each vote to be able to surpass those of Abascal, but the price is 'more expensive' if Vox receives external support and even more if they also want to retain the First Vice Presidency of the Congress.


Once the voting is over, the nine elected deputies will occupy their positions in the Presidential Bureau and the new president will request the oath or promise from the other deputies to abide by the Constitution.

In that round of oaths or promises, you can listen to the different formulas designed by the parties to abide by the Constitution, such as the classic one "for legal imperative" that the independentists of Esquerra, Junts and Bildu usually use and now the CUP.

In the last legislature, some deputies of United Podemos promised the Magna Carta "for democracy and social rights"; the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, swore "for Spain" and the deputies of ERC or Junts complied "with loyalty" to the mandate of the referendum of October 1, 2017.

Some formulas that the Table of Congress, with a majority of the PSOE and United We, considered valid despite the protests of the PP and Citizens, who took the matter to the Constitutional Court. The High Court, however, has not yet even admitted these resources to processing.


To avoid new "humiliations" to the institutional legality, from the PP they have already asked Batet that she or who occupies the Presidency this Tuesday control the different compliance formulas. This Friday, the president herself replied that if she is elected again she will treat the compliance with the Constitution in the same way she did last May, because she understands that her duty is to continue applying the Regulations and jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court.

Socialist sources remind Europa Press that some of the formulas that the PP wants to avoid were used more than a year ago, in June 2018, when the president of the Congress was the 'popular' Ana Pastor, without anyone objecting to them . According to the Journal of Sessions of that day, ERC deputies Carolina Telechea and Joan Margall pledged their charges for "the freedom of prisoners and exiles" for "the Catalan Republic" and underlining that they did so "for legal imperative", and they didn't get any problem.

Then the members of the Government who are deputies and the members of the new Bureau will abide by the Constitution. Next, the president of the Chamber will give his first speech and declare the Congress constituted.

The new Chamber of the Chamber will meet once the session is closed to begin formalizing the creation of the parliamentary groups, which must be created within the next five days. The deadline ends on December 12 and parliamentarians who do not join any group will become part of the Mixed.

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