The new boom of the Rust series

Rust series cause fights between Spanish influencers

Rust is a video game survival online which was released in 2013 by Facepunch Studios. The game takes place in a dangerous open world, where players must collect resources, build shelters, and defend against natural hazards as well as other players.

His popularity grew a lot in the year 2021, when the streamer Alexby decided to create a server within the game known as egoland, exclusive for influencers. In this first edition, 76 streamers participated who broadcast the development of the events live on the Twitch platform.

After this great project, the Rust-series became fashionable and until now, they were held at least once a year, but this 2023 It seems that several content creators had plans to create a series around this video game.

In the case of Cristinini, he was already contacting more than 200 streamers to start a new program. However the problem What she has been faced with is that there are other Rust series that clash with her idea, that of Carola together with Ricoy, and that of El Xokas.