April 22, 2021

The new board assumes the Nurse College of Las Palmas – The Province

The new board assumes the Nurse College of Las Palmas - The Province

The new governing board of the Official College of Nursing of Las Palmas, presided over by Hortensia Calero, took Possession of his positions in the session held on Monday and communicated this Tuesday, published in his Web the professional entity before recalling that the current directive was "elected by acclamation on January 25" after the exclusion of the only alternative list of the electoral process, led by Rita Mendoza.

"The board, after examining the report issued by the legal counsel on the fulfillment of formal requirements by the candidatures, in which it warned that it did not appear in the collegiate files the specialist titles of the candidates for the members and alternates of the mental health and nursing specialties of Rita Mendoza's candidacy, adopted the aforementioned agreement of non-admission of her candidacy ", added the same sources in the first and only official information issued on the electoral conflict so far.

After remembering that the number one of Más Enfermería and the vice-president candidate, Desirée Alemán, attended and "made use of their right of voice" during that session, from the Colegio they continued that the alternative board presented its allegations to the exclusion on the 31st of January and the board "met again on February 1, with the presence of two intervenors from the candidacy of Rita Mendoza, for evaluate and decide on the aforementioned resource, this being dismissed"

Institutional veto

After the electoral process, the College of Nursing of Las Palmas offered its availability to assess the conflict with the media, although Hortensia Calero vetoed the questions of the journalist of LA PROVINCIA / Diario de Las Palmas in charge of the matter since its inception.

In addition to Hortensia Tensi Soledad Calero Fabelo, the elected government board by acclamation is composed of Diego González Castillo as vice president, María Ángeles Tadeo López as secretary, Daniel Ariza Lara as treasurer, and the members Gabriela Daniela Stoica Stoica, Agustín Jesús Ojeda Bolaños, María Naira Hernández de Luis, José Luis Pousada Prieto (Work Nursing) , Lucinda Esther Betancor García (Matron), Alejandro Iván Hernández Sosa (Mental Health), Liliana Melián Fleitas (Lanzarote) and Josefa Dolores Gil Pérez (Fuerteventura).

Among the substitute members are Guillermo Jesús Montesdeoca Herrera, Pedro Raúl Castellano Santana, Melba Estupiñán Guedes, Rubén Díez Pascua (Work Nursing), Josefina Magán Moreno (Matrona), Sonia María Hernández Sánchez (Mental Health), Álvaro Moisés Franco Pérez, ( Lanzarote) and Tomasa Lucía Gil Pérez (Fuerteventura).


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