Sat. Apr 20th, 2019

"The new Bernabéu will mark the fate of Real Madrid"

"The new Bernabéu will mark the fate of Real Madrid"

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Representatives of all the political parties are in the Bernabéu, where the renovation of the Real Madrid stadium has been made official. "Welcome to the Bernabéu, it is our home, here we continue to dream, with humility, sacrifice", said Florentino Pérez in the presentation. "We have worked to get to today, this is the start of the countdown to launch an architectural innovation, one of the great projects of the future for Madrid and the city"

He recalled the long way to here: "It started in 2011, with the modification of the General Plan, in 2015 the modification was canceled: But we did not dally, we worked with the City Council and in May 2017 we took out a special plan for the Bernabéu stadium. from this moment we develop everything: the plan of subdivision, mobility, license of the works, tender of the works, next week the financing and adjudication of the works will be announced ". It is the last thing left to know.

"It will be a key piece for Madrid and for the city, a more modern stadium, comfortable and designed for entertainment, Soon the first performances will begin, with a place in the Castellana and another in the corner of Padre Damián", Florentino has followed.

The stadium will have: skin of sidewalk bands, which will project images, retractable roof, two new towers, stairs and more entrance doors, to be safer and more fluid. It will eliminate architectural barriers, with 1,000 locations for different people. It will be the great technological platform, with space for e-sports and a 360-degree marker, the digital stadium of the future.

"It will be the stadium that will mark our future", has finished Florentino.


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